about emily

I believe we are all here to make an impact on this world. Whether that impact is positive or negative is up to each of us individually. I believe by embracing our unique selves, nurturing our strengths, and seeking to understand one another, we change our world for the better. Refined Bliss is designed to be a source of inspiration, empowerment, and growth. When we improve as individuals we improve all of humanity.


Emily Fascilla is an advocate and activist for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse, racial justice and social justice.

In 2018 Emily launched a weekly racial justice newsletter Accountable Allyship with a mission to hold herself and her white peers accountable for the ways in which they uphold white supremacy while learning how to become truly effective allies to people of color.

Emily was the youngest recipient of Idaho Business Review’s “Accomplished Under 40” award in 2017.

In her professional career she secures partnerships and support on behalf of non-profit organizations while raising awareness and increasing education in her community.