accountable allyship

disclaimers and notes


About the Newsletter

  • This newsletter is not a savior for people of color. It will not solve racism.

  • It will encourage each of us to take responsibility for the systems we, as white people,  perpetuate by staying silent and comfortable.

  • It will deepen our understanding of the impact of systemic racism on people of color.

  • It will require us to confront the ways in which we unknowingly uphold white supremacy culture.

  • It will require honest and uncomfortable self-reflection.

  • This is a non-judgmental initiative. When we judge others on their knowledge, they shut down. We get nowhere and we change nothing. We must allow one another space to learn, while continuing to hold one another accountable. This does not mean we will coddle White Fragility, it means we will remember that anti-racist work is a constant learning and unlearning and that we were all born into a racist society so none of us are exempt. Each of us have to put in work to confront racism and we will allow one another to do that work without judgement.

About Me

  • I am not a leader or educator in this work, I am using my platform to hold myself and my white peers accountable and encourage others to do the same. You can find leaders in anti-racist work here.

  • I am not an expert in white supremacy, racism, or allyship. I am always learning and always will be learning.

  • Which brings me to...if you see something inaccurate or problematic please let me know. I am going to mess up, I am not going to navigate this perfectly, and I am going to have blind spots. You can help me by pointing it out.

  • I do not strive to make this an academic style newsletter. I will talk about these issues in casual language. The decision to use casual language does not translate to the minimization of the issue at hand. My aim is to make this newsletter accessible enough that white people all over this country start having these conversations in their own homes and begin to challenge systemic racism in their own communities.


  • My door is open. I welcome all feedback, book/podcast/tv recommendations, specific requests, questions and ideas.

  • If you are interested in creating content or collaborating with Accountable Allyship please contact me.