why did you start refined bliss?

The human experience is not unique. We certainly do not live identical lives but we all experience the same emotions throughout a lifetime. I want to connect with others through shared ideas, struggles, needs, and joys. Life is hard; but it's easier to navigate when we know we're not alone.  I also wanted a creative expression outside of my formal career and this is the perfect outlet. 

where are you based?

New York, New York

Where did you go to college and what did you major in? 

I began my college career at the University of Idaho as a Vandal and still identify as one. However, my official piece of paper came from Boise State University. I have a B.A. in Relational and Organizational Communication as well as a minor in Psychology. Quite fitting for the work I do today. 



what is your day job?

Ooo, that little thing is my love. I am proud to work as the Senior Manager of External Affairs at Pencils of Promise in New York City. Our mission is to provide access to quality education around the globe. My role allows me to engage, educate, and create awareness surrounding the issues related to lack of education. This includes gender inequality, economic instability, hygiene and sanitation issues and more.

how do you make money on this site?

I don’t. Refined Bliss is a space for me to share my life and my passions with a greater audience.

Accountable Allyship is my responsibility as a white woman who has white privilege. I will not accept any speaking opportunities or facilitate any workshops - that work is best done by leaders of color who have dedicated their lives to this work long before I was aware of my own privilege and ignorance.